Word Shout

It's time to sharpen up your vocabulary and quick word-building skills in order to out-smart your opponents in Word Shout - a free nerve-wrecking, fast-paced word game app!

How quick are you?

Word Shout is a word-building game using lettered dice to create words based on the letters that are rolled at the beginning of each round. You never know what words could be created after the 10 lettered dice are presented to you randomly. You have 30 seconds (or 60 seconds based on game settings) to spell as many legitimate words as possible.

Longer the word, higher the score

It is not just about speed! Using all 10 letters gets you a larger amount of points but creating a large number of 3 letter words may allow you to beat your friends. Choose your tactics wisely.

Play against friends!

Multiplayer feature enables you to play against your friends via Game Center, and the Pass-N-Play feature allows you to play against another player without the need for Game Center or online playing.


Select difficulty level, game length, round length (30 or 60 seconds). Choose between any of the four default themes or purchase one of the new theme packs to add additional choices.

Learning how to play is very easy. You won’t be able to put the game down after you try a couple rounds. The challenge is unbearable and will push you to your vocabulary limits.

Word Shout is for 1 or 2 players.